Brian Holloway's Plough Testimonial - Expedition Voyage


The Manager Manson Anchors.

Dear Mr Mair,

Just a short note of appreciation for the Manson Anchor you sold us in November last year.
We were just starting on our adventure, which turned into the most exciting six month trip I have ever undertaken. We travelled over 4000 nautical miles, completely circumnavigating New Zealand in the wake of Captain Cook.
What was interesting in that in the whole of the six months we only spent 15 nights at sea. My aim was to see New Zealand, and we rock hopped visiting everywhere possible, and consequently anchoring most nights.
I have a 30lb Manson holding a 35 foot catamaran, weighing 5 tons. We make a reasonable amount of windage. I felt that a 30lb looked a bit small, but in six months, on very varied types of bottoms there was not one night when we dragged. A marvellous anchor, that I would recommed to anyone.
I also had on board a fisherman anchor and a danforth, as backup anchors. The danforth was never used, the fisherman I used in Whitianga Harbour, on the shell bank, as a stern anchor (it dragged)

Thanks again
King regards,

Brian Holloway.

P.S. The other cat on the trip, Master Blaster, also had one of your anchors a 45lb Manson.