Marty Vose - Manson Plough Testimonial


Dear Sir,

I am writing to express delight with the performance of the 50lb Manson Plough anchor that I purchased off your company some 18 months ago.
We have recently returned from a five month cruise of Stewart Island and Fiordland and not once did our Manson Anchor let us down. We even spent a night anchored off Nugget Point on the east coast of Southland with winds in excess of 70 knots and whilst we did maintain an anchor watch all night it was not needed as we did not move an inch.
I was concerned that perhaps the 50lb may have been a bit light for my yacht which is 41 feet and weighs 17 tons, but after that trip plus a Marlborough Sounds trip before that, I confess I am totally sold on your anchors and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I wish your company well.

Yours faithfully,
Marty Vose
Yacht "Makani"