Forever etched in history


Prominent New Zealand superyacht equipment manufacturer, Bowmaster, has chosen the 2018 Monaco Yacht show to launch their new 3D scanning service. 

Their first customer was an old favourite in yachting circles, the America’s Cup. Bowmaster was engaged by the Royal New Zealand Yacht squadron to provide a highly accurate 3D scan of the America’s cup to ensure that the cup form and shape has been digitally recorded.

Bowmaster believes there is a great demand in the marine industry for large format scanning and the advantages in time saving are clear. Whether scanning is used for reverse engineering, asbuilt data collection or to ascertain a known surface for design work, scanning easily and accurately delivers on expectations. 

Complimenting Bowmaster’s internal engineering/design hub, the service is a natural progression from the consistent in-house use of software and hardware over the last five years. 

Digitally recording the America’s Cup required a high precision scanner - up to 3 microns tolerance - to digitally scan the ancient hallmarks from the Silversmith. This technology is what Bowmaster uses to ensure all work is been fabricated to the challenging tolerances demanded by international shipyards.

The Royal New Zealand Squadron wanted to create a digital vault forever recording the Auld Muld’s history, they said Bowmaster did an excellent job of assisting with that project and appreciated their attention to detail and excellent service.                          

For further information please contact General Manager Ned Wood on or +64 21 623 316 

Manson Anchors - Monaco Stand number QJ07