Stronger, lighter, better - Titanium


Prominent New Zealand superyacht deployment system manufacturer, Bowmaster, has chosen the 2018 Monaco International Yacht Show to launch their new dedicated Titanium Fabrication Division. The launch follows their work on three large scale titanium underwater deployment projects and over a year of development and compliance work. 

With Lloyd’s Register approvals for their fabrication team, the division is able to now build certified equipment for installations. The titanium underwater systems were a natural choice given the strength, weight and corrosion resistant advantages. 

Weightsaving has been the critical factor in proceeding with titanium. Bowmaster achieved a 60% weight reduction compared with initial stainless design.

Getting the mix right has been a journey with titanium being a relatively unknown industry in New Zealand. The Bowmaster engineers turned to a NASA consultant based in San Diego, USA to ensure all process was compliant and titanium contamination eliminated.

Creating a whole new clean environment is key to titanium production so a dedicated cleanroom was built to house the division with positive air pressure filtration system to keep out potential contaminates. 

The new titanium  systems have surpassed strength and weight considerations.

Bowmaster CEO Ned Wood is honest to admit that the setting up of the division has been a steep learning curve.  “We are known for saying “yes” to a client’s request, and nothing is ever a problem, but titanium design and fabrication certainly challenged our team.” he says. “If the Russians can build submarines from it, and the Americans put 20 tonnes of titanium in a 747, I knew our Kiwi staff were more than capable of this challenge. I’m proud of the result and excited about our titanium future” 

Bowmaster and Manson Anchors are sister companies that design and fabricate Lloyd’s Register approved deployment systems and robust anchors. For more than 40 years the company has been making and exporting marine product across the globe for small craft to Superyachts. 
For further information please contact General Manager Ned Wood on or +64 21 623 316 

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