Subplough deployment system for tenders


Prominent New Zealand superyacht deployment systems manufacturer, Bowmaster, has chosen the 2018 Monaco International Yacht Show to release the latest development in tender anchoring -  the Tender Subplough.

A simplified, miniaturized derivative of the Superyacht subplough system, the Tender Subplough uses a captive winch and enables owners and crew to keep nice hull lines by having no visible pertruding anchors off the bow or stem of the hull.

The range starts at 7kg right through to the Superyacht system  - providing flexibility for all sized vessels. The anchor design is based on the 40-year old proven Manson Plough, with a few added features pulling the design into the new age.

An added bonus for owners is yachts are shorter, with no bow sprit to deploy the anchor, which reduces berthing costs in marinas, resulting in significant cost savings over a year.

For tenders being lifted on and off Superyachts the system removes an external protrusion, which has historically been a point of contact causing damage.

Bowmaster’s Technical Director, Ned Wood, says the subplough system is very accessible to the wider market.  “We initially tried our standard submarine anchor for smaller craft, however, we felt that the subplough option gave a much more user friendly option for skippers. It can easily be rolled out into the pleasure market where non-professional crew could also operate the system” he says. “As with all our systems we rely on simplicity and robust design, with gravity deploying the anchor and the windlass lifting it. Manual locks are also present to lock the system during longer transits or rough weather.”

Bowmaster continues to work with sister company Manson Anchors high quality line of anchors to create both standard and bespoke deployment systems - proving popular with yards and designers. “Yards are increasingly preferring to receive and install an entire anchoring module and leave the dark art up to Bowmaster,” says Ned. 

For further information please contact General Manager Ned Wood on ned@mansonanchors.comor +64 21 623 316

Manson Anchors - Monaco Stand number QJ07