Admiral Toby & Captain Jack Glassman - Manson Supreme Testimonial



We've been cruising the Caribbean for many years now. The last seven years we've been living aboard. As with most sailors we started long ago with the "State of the Art" Danforth anchor. It was a decent anchor but not good for all sea bottoms. In mud or soft sand it would slide out rather easily. We eventually graduated to the CQR. Good holding, but man could it hurt your fingers if they got in the way of the swivel head. It took lots of experience and patience to properly set it. However once set it tended to stay put. For our next and of course larger boat we went to the newly designed Bruce anchor as a primary. Once again a very decent anchor but you were never quite certain where you would wind up in setting it. As time went on we added the new fangled Delta. The combo was excellent but a lot of work especially if you were in an anchorage that tended to have currents that caused you to make 360s.

Up until this October we were very contented with our Delta and all chain. When time and rust compelled us to buy a new anchor we took a chance on your very strange looking Manson Supreme. At the Annapolis Boat Show we watched a demonstration of how well it set........."instantly"!  My wife, the Admiral loved dropping the stainless Steel model and setting it in the long demonstration sandbox.

End of story, we bought the 60 lbs version and have been cruising with it since early November. It's great! It sets immediately in almost all seabeds and stays put even in very stiff blows. It fit very well on our anchor roller and drops with ease.

Aside from it being the best anchor we've ever had aboard there are two small problems. The Supreme sets so fast and securely you can get whiplash when the boat just stops as the Manson digs in. We really love that though.

Secondly, in crowded anchorages I need to be on the look out for anyone anchoring above our anchor. This anchor can not be pulled out from the side or easily on VERY short scope. I've taken to using an anchor maker  for that reason.

Thanks for developing an anchor which for us has become a traveling mooring.

Fair winds and Following Seas

Admiral Toby & Capt. Jack Glassman