Costa Rozakis Supreme Testimonial (Antares)


Winner of the 25lb Supreme Draw at Sidney International Boat Show 2009

Hi Sam,CostaRozakis

The week the anchor arrived I was planning a quiet weekend in Sydney harbour. Saturday turned in to a 40 knot nor-wester with 50 knot bullets. It was the perfect day to test the new Mason Supreme. In those conditions my old danforth wouldn't hold - Antares didn't drift an inch. That night, for the first time ever, I had a sound night's sleep on Antares. I usually wake several times a night, pop my head out of the hatch and check that we haven't drifted. 

Faith in the anchor's ability to hold is priceless. I now row ashore with Antares out of sight, confident that she'll be there when I return. I can not thank you enough for the prize, my anxiety levels are down and a weekend away is always a relaxing experience. If I am ever silly enough to be anchored in exposed waters again I will record and send you the video.