John Byrd's Supreme Testimonial (Magic Dolphin)


Dear Ned,
I am not a new sailor, I have been sailing for more than 35 years and have owned a number of boats in that time. My current boat is a CSY 51 built by Endeavour, which has high freeboard and lots of windage. I have put more than 10,000 miles of blue water under the keel of this boat in the last few years, and have anchored with lots of tackle in lots of bottom conditions.
The boat is currently located in St. Martin, having made the transit from Galveston Texas last April.

I saw the anchor test done by Sail magazine a few months ago, which I normally would not have had much faith in, however, due to having exactly the same performance issues with the "Claw" anchor that they experienced in their test, I paid attention. As you know, I requested information from you by email on where to purchase your Manson Supreme anchor that tested well in the Sail comparison, and purchased it from West Marine here in Houston Texas. I am happy to report that the anchor (60 pound) fits nicely in a standard U.S. military duffel bag, and was transported to St. Martin via checked baggage on U.S. Air and arrived safely.
I installed the anchor last week and set out to do some cruising around Anguilla and St. Martin with guest aboard for a few days. As luck would have it, the weather kicked up and we were faced with sustained winds of 35 knots with gusts to 50 knots for two days, and seas in open water of 4 1/2 meters. Needless to say, we didn't do a whole lot of open water sailing!
We did however have an excellent opportunity to do some world class anchoring.
In all the years that I have sailed, I have never been more impressed with a product. We came into Marigot harbor in the late afternoon and were faced with having to anchor in this crowded anchorage in an area that has lots of grass over a sandy bottom with some small rocks thrown for good measure. We have anchored in this harbor before, and it has been difficult to get a good set in some cases. We put the anchor down with the electric windlass, and much to my surprise found that it set instantly with only 2 1/2 to 1 scope.

We put out 5:1 scope with all chain rode and had a very secure night at anchor. The boat did not move at all. The next day we moved to Gran Cas harbor, with the wind still pushing 30 knots, and a surge in the anchorage with wind direction changes every few minutes due to the swirling effect of mountains surrounding the anchorage. Once again, the anchor set instantly.
This time, we anchored early in the day, and I was able to dive on the anchor to see how it had set. The only thing visible of the anchor was a portion of the shank and the top of the roll bar. A secure set indeed!
We were in the area for 9 days on this trip, and moved and anchored several times. Each time we deployed the anchor the result was the same. We never had to deploy it but one time, and with each set I became more confident in the anchor's ability to perform in harsh conditions. The day we got back to Anse Marcel, our home harbor in St. Martin, we gave away the "Claw" and put the Danforth in the locker below. The Manson Supreme in the only anchor on my bow roller, and will remain there from now on. My guest, also a "seasoned" sailor (that means OLD) was equally impressed and is purchasing a Manson Supreme for his boat. The anchor self launches extremely well, trips easily when you want to raise it and holds like being glued to the bottom.
I will encourage everyone I know to buy one as their primary anchor.

Please feel free to use my experience with your product to pass the word to other cruising sailors that this is a product that WORKS! I will be writing to Sail Magazine to let them know that I was able to add validity to their test. Your prompt response to my product inquiry and help in finding a source for the anchor was much appreciated. Many thanks for developing such a fine anchor.

John Bryd