Ben Eady - Skipper of "Naturally"



I am writing this as a testimonial for your Manson Supreme Anchor. In October last year I purchased a 25lb Manson Supreme for my 30ft Colin Childs Keeler and have been grateful ever since for the peace of mind it has offered.

There have been two cases in particular that have stood out. The first was after a night of heavy offshore wind in Oneroa bay (Waiheke, Auckland). I awoke to find the 35ft Beneteau anchored at my bow was dragging closer and closer to our yacht.

I called out to the owner who came out an told us that he had lost all power and was waiting for the coast guard. It was new years day so he was likely to have a long wait. He had two anchors out (a large Plough and Danforth) with all chain rode and was still dragging in the heavy winds and roll. Our Supreme with only 10m chain was holding our 5tonne yacht fine. He had no way of firstly winching up his anchors or starting his motor to reset them.

Rather than moving and letting him hit the super yacht behind us or drift to Great Barrier, we put our fenders on and as he dragged closer we threw a rope and pulled him along side. We then transferred our started battery so he could start his motor and charge his batteries. Over the next couple of hours our 25lb Supreme held both our boats firm in the high winds and he was able to depart under power a very relieved man.

The other case was sheltering from a storm with 50knot winds in Awaawaroa bay (again Waiheke). The weather had got so bad (in contradiction to the forecast) that we had no way of shifting up Tamaki Strait to a more protected bay. Although the wind was offshore the valley is too gradual to offer much wind protection. We had to rely on the muddy bottom and our Supreme to hold fast. With all our rode out the tension from the wind left no curve to spring the warp. It was pulled totally tight and the boat was scooting from side to side in the gusts. Despite this the anchor held fast all night and as far as myself and my anchor alarm could tell did not drag at all.

It's these sort of things that allow a skipper to sleep soundly at night and take trips onshore without feeling edgy. Every time I lower the Manson Supreme and motor back in reverse the yacht stands still while it digs in as though it's attached to a concrete slab. I'm more worried about my rode failing than the anchor dragging. I'm not the type to bother writing product testimonials but I genuinely feel that a product of this quality and design should be shared with other boaties. Aside form the peace of mind offered, I believe that it could very likely save the lives of boaties that carry the Manson Supreme anchors. The same couldn't be said for most other anchors. Many thanks.

Ben Eady
Skipper of Naturally
Auckland, New Zealand.