Aby Dhabi Mar- M/Y Yas


The Challenge

Enhance the bow of a 141m yacht.

Abu Dhabi Mar approached Manson Anchors with what was expected to be a relatively simple supply for the refit of a naval vessel into a world-class superyacht.

When a standard anchor type was mocked and fitted into the hull, the result was completely rejected by the
design team as it was deemed not asthetically right for the bow.

The Solution

A one-off custom anchor that complimented the existing bow and vessel's elegance.

As with most superyacht ideas, the execution was somewhat harder than the idea.

Anchors, due to their very nature of being safety items, are subject to very strict class requirements and to make a unique one-off item required a huge amount of design work. Firstly the team needed to ensure that it was acceptable from a visual appearance, secondly that it was functional as an anchor and finally that it was class approved to the strict requirements imposed. Manson set about achieving these aims by first requesting some concepts from the client as to what criteria they felt would work from a visual perspective.

The next task was to take the visual direction and make it functional. Combining 40 years of anchoring experience gave Manson Anchors the ability to offer quick gains, particularly knowing from a visual analysis what designs would be able to achieve the required holding. As the design was refined, small scale testing was performed to validate the conceptual testing.

The next step was to give the client a full scale mock up of the anchor for fitting into the modified bow housing. Some minor amendments were made to the anchor at the yard which were signed off by Manson’s technical team as having no impact on performance. The mock up was returned to Manson's factory for the final build. 

Class testing and approval for the anchor to DNV required full design, FEA stress analysis, fabrication drawings as well as additional seabed testing of anchors in three different seabed types for holding power verification.

The Manson team are well versed in this thorough testing process so once signed off by DNV, the anchor was built and tested at Manson's in-house testing facilities. The anchor was then polished to a perfect mirror finish.

Manson enlisted the support of sister company Bowmaster to fabricate a custom stainless Superbox Swivel to join the anchor directly to the chain. The anchor fitted the housing perfectly, providing the perfect compliment to the finished vessel.