Alloy Yachts - SY Kokomo


The Challenge

Manson Anchors were approached by the Alloy Yachts design team when they discovered the deployment system they had used on previous projects would not work for this project. Due to the unique fine nature of the yacht, in particular the bow, the design team reached out for a new perspective on
the anchor design. 

The Solution

The Manson anchors design engineers designed an entirely new anchor for this project. This anchor was designed as a flush fitting pocket anchor with a polished closing plate. The inward tapered flukes enable the base plate to be wider than the fluke tips which enables the flush fitting format. This anchor was designed to be deployed via wetbox from the base of the hull for a clean look. The anchor was named the Manson Hiding anchor.

This anchors design was approved by Lloyd’s Register and then went through thorough testing. This included seabed testing on a barge out of Auckland with a Lloyd’s Register Surveyor on board.

The Hiding Anchor is Lloyd’s Register Approved and has High Holding Power (HHP) up to 4300kg.

This solution provided an anchor that worked and also allowed the naval designers to keep the fine nature of the bow.

The Hiding anchor has since become a renowned anchor in the Manson Anchors superyacht range. Together with Bowmaster Manson Anchors designed an option including pocket and submarine flush fitting Manson Hiding Anchor, offering a complete turnkey solution for boat builders.

This anchor has been used by Royal Huisman, Baltic Yachts, Vitters Shipyard, Feadship, Sunseeker, Benetti, and more well-known shipyards around the globe.