Baltic Yachts - SY Canova

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The Challenge

A repeat owner of both Manson Anchors and Bowmaster products wanted a vessel that pushed all the limits.

This existing owner had set the bar high for shipyard, Baltic Yachts, in terms of the performance that he expected from his newly designed 142ft vessel.

Having worked closely with the Captain on the previous vessel, S/Y Liara, the Bowmaster and Manson Anchor team were keen to work on the new project.
Everything was focused on weight saving. The anchors were to be exactly as per class minimum weight - not a kilogram more.

This was a completely new concept in anchoring and the team was ready for the challenge.

The Solution

The solution was a dual titanium system, a world-first in anchor deployment technology and bow profile as well.

Built in conjunction with the S/Y Liara system the project relied on close integration between the Bowmaster, Baltic and Composite design teams. Multiple model iterations were sent back and forth between New Zealand and Finland to arrive at the desired final product.

The testing was based on the existing Bowmaster Subplough system. This system had been in market for five years and in that time, a lot had been learned. Bowmaster leaned on this experience and designed an entire system from titanium - a material used in space-age technology.

Titanium is an incredibly light yet exceptionally strong material. It has a weight of 4,400kg/m³ whereas stainless is 8,000kg/m³ yet grade 5 titanium is nearly twice the strength of high tensile stainless. The overall weight saving on the system was a staggering 50%.