Echo- M/Y White Rabbit Golf

Echo Yachts WRG - Syncrolift

The challenge

To create an entirely new way of building deployment hardware and installing it for a dedicated Manson Anchor customer, and designing a completely new SHHP class approved anchor. Unique in many ways, aside from being an 84m trimaran, the vessel and yard team were specific in the anchoring arrangement and gear required.

The owner had been using a pair of Manson Anchors for 10 years on an existing vessel and wanted the same quality and performance of Manson Anchors on the new vessels. Manson Anchors/Bowmaster (MABM) had just finished equipping the newbuild 46m catamaran shadow vessel by the same client with a set of 430kg HHP Manson Hiding Anchors and full pocket/ scratch plate design and build.

The solution

Delivery of a system designed to dazzle with straight forward installation and a completely unique fresh approach to scratch plate methodology. MABM employed their usual methodology to the build with very satisfactory and satisfying results.

1. We understand 

Listening to what the various parties wanted was the key. The design team at Bowmaster spent a lot of time in preliminary design getting the shape of the pockets correct. They had to cross a chine, and the yard also wanted an SHHP set of 817kg anchors of a style of anchor (flat baseplate to allow flush fitment with the hull) which required Bowmaster to get a whole new type of anchor DNV approved. The very narrow shape of the bow meant that building two separate scratch plates and a rubbing strake was not possible so the MABM team suggested a new concept, to build a bow module in duplex stainless steel, fully sealed & water tight. This module acted as the anchor scratch plate and also incorporat - ed a stem cutwater module. The module was to be mechanically fixed to the alu - minium hull with a layer of flexible epoxy adhesive, poured after final fitment and alignment to the faired hull. 

2. We test and retest

Having the anchor cross over the chine creates some challenges with retriev - al and MABM elected to construct a full size carbon steel mockup of the arrangement to test in their inhouse test facilities. Whilst it may seem old fashioned to test a full scale model, the cost is minimal and anchors can do unanticipated things when they are actually pulled in and out. The anchors had to be built for the contract so using them to move around the prototype is part of the MABM philosophy, it’s far easier to change something before it is built than after it’s installed into a hull.

3. We fabricate

MABM’s team of LR and DNVGL factory approved fabricators and polishers then set about the task of bringing the designs to life. Working in high tensile 1.4462 duplex stainless steel posed no issues for the fabrication team and the several thousand man hours produced a spec - tacular result. MABM also fabricated the rudders in stainless steel to DNVGL specifications Using a lot of propriety build knowl - edge the team twisted and turned the plates into shape, working with stainless steel presents new challeng - es and twists every day. Some refer to it as welding noodles together.

4. We commission and deliver

All Bowmaster systems undergo extremely accurate 3D scanning and the sheer magnitude meant that MABM utilised 3D scanning techniques to ensure correct size and curvature. The fabricated equipment was within tight tolerances and was also assembled together on site to ensure no surprises for the yard team. Anchors were tested fitted & arranged perfectly to meet the specifications from the yard on how the final anchor/ pocket relationship was expected to combine.

Pre Launch1  83 MY Tri  ECHO installed