Latitude- M/Y Galaxy of Happiness


The Challenge

Designing an anchor system for a steep trimaran superyacht hull.

Latitude Yachts met Manson at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show looking for an anchor solution that would work with the steep topsides of their trimaran superyacht design.

The extremely steep hull meant that with a standard anchor system retrieving the anchor back into the system would prove challenging. The team required a custom anchor to be designed in order for the anchor to work with the yacht design.

The Solution

Digital scanning of the hull to ensure build had tolerance of no more than 2ml. Because this was such a challenging project, Manson first built a prototype to test the proposed system. Having built a sample anchor, this was then thoroughly tested in Manson’s purpose built testing facility.

Once satisfied that this technology would work for the project, the Manson team visited the shipyard in Latvia to scan the hull and make sure there was no pre-release, before building the system to 3mm tolerance.

"Building a protoype and scanning the hull ensures a perfect fit"

On returning to New Zealand, design work was then completed before build work commenced on the final anchor system.