Luerssen - Golden Odyssey


The Challenge

World-renowned shipyard, Luerssen approached Manson Anchors and Bowmaster regarding an anchor supply for a 132m project. In addition to the two large anchors required, Luerssen required two large swivels.

The swivels and anchors were to be fabricated from high tensile stainless steel – otherwise known as duplex 2205. This steel is twice as
strong as 316L stainless steel and has twice the corrosion resistance.

The Solution

The Manson Ultimus Anchor was the perfect solution for this large vessel. The Ultimus is a robust solution that meets the tough demands of any seabed.

The Manson Ultimus is Lloyd’s Register Approved as a High Holding Power Anchor (HHP).

The anchors were fabricated to a significant 2655kg each, providing the ultimate safety device for the super yacht, its crew and guests.

Bowmaster designed a new custom large swivel for this project. It was designed with the shortest possible connector between the anchor shank and the chain stopper. The swivel was fabricated from high tensile steel and approved by Lloyd’s Register and DNVGL.

This swivel was highly regarded as a great solution for large vessels and anchors and is now a popular addition to vessels purchasing large Manson Anchors.