Luerssen - Offshore Patrol Vessel


The Challenge

Manson Anchors were approached by Luerssen’s defence team regarding the $600 billion Australian Navy expansion. This expansion was decided upon amid China’s increased threat to Indo-Pacific. The goals of the investment were to modernise Australia’s defence capabilities and maintain the countries security.

“The challenges and nature in the Indo-Pacific have meant we need a new approach and one that actively seeks to deter actions that are against our interests,” the Australian Prime Minister said. The Navy expansion included 12 new 85m Off-shore Patrol Vessels. Manson Anchors were asked to anchors and chaincables for the project.

Manson Anchors had worked with Luerssen on many projects and a trusted relationship exsisted.

The Solution

The Manson Anchor’s design engineering team customized the Manson Ultimus Anchor to fit the design of the vessel.

The team worked closely with Luerssen throughout the design process. The anchors were each fabricated in galvanised steel and weigh 1305kg.