Metal Shark Yachts- M/Y Magnet

Metal Shark Yachts- 300kg Supreme Anchors

The Challenge

Metal Shark Yachts asked the Manson Anchors team to build two custom 300kg Supreme Anchors for the biggest Metal Shark yacht ever launched. The boat is 48m long and is built to explore harsh conditions off the grid.

With a displacement of 290 gross tons, these anchors needed to be large enough to hold the boat safely in all conditions. The Manson Anchors design team worked closely with the Metal Shark Yachts team to design the safest anchor possible.

The Solution

Collaboratively, the Manson Anchors and Metal Shark Yachts teams moved forward with two 300kg Supreme Anchors in galvanised steel.

The weight of these anchors in addition to the chain were enough to safely hold the yacht in all conditions and seabeds.

The success of this project led to an ongoing partnership with Metal Shark Yachts.

As Metal Shark Yachts move forward with their new expedition catamaran range, Manson Anchors will continue to work in partnership with them.