Oyster Yachts- Oyster 885


The Challenge

Design a 180° rotating anchor carriage with no adjusting required on the anchor winch.

Oyster Yachts approached Bowmaster when looking for a rotating anchor carriage design to apply as standard across their Oyster 885 model - the largest Oyster in their core range.

The yard wanted a turnkey solution to apply to their design, with the anchor, carriage and hydraulics all pre-commissioned and supplied.

The yard wanted to be sure of proven technology across the range, and requested that Bowmaster design a system that meant the anchor winch would not have to be adjusted for chain slack. The system also had to be able to rotate 180°, which was challenging to achieve.

The Solution

An innovative curved articulating gravity-driven deployment system.

A custom mirror polished stainless steel system using a Manson plough anchor was developed, with the team designing an anchor system that was able to self-adjust chain slack.

Hydraulically controlled, the unit comfortably rotates a full 180 degrees and locks into the deck before deploying the anchor.

The anchor system was supplied to the yard as an easy to install plug-in/bolt-in solution, fully commissioned and ready for a straight forward installation.

Retracted Arm

Completed Vessel

Final Polishing

Installed Hydaulic Arm

Design Meeting During Fabrication