Palmer Johnson- M/Y Khalilah


The Challenge

Create a robust and reliable anchor system for a superspeed axe bow.

When the 160.7ft / 49m SuperSport motor Yacht ‘Khalilah’ was built by Palmer Johnson in 2014, it required the anchor deployment system that was reliable and robust enough to work on a yacht with an axe bow and that could travel up to 40 knots.

For such a task, Palmer Johnson turned to long time partner Manson Anchors to build the anchors, and Bowmaster to develop the system.

The Solution

A submarine anchor deployment system that can handle the rigors of everyday use aboard a high-speed motor yacht

The unique shape of the bow on MY Khalilah had a major influence on the anchor system to be used. Although not always the most conventional way to anchor a vessel of this size, the submarine anchor system was clearly the most appropriate for the boat. This solution also offered a sleek look with no anchor pockets that kept the maintained the style of the yacht.

Through frequent communication and collaboration, an approach was agreed upon and Bowmaster went to work. What was commonly perceived as a sailboat solution, Bowmaster smashed that misconception and surpassed all expectations with the design of a submarine system that would stand up to the pressure applied by nearly 40knots of speed in variable sea states.

“Although unconventional, the system has never let us down”

Once the final designs were signed off, the highest quality materials were sourced in accordance with DNV certification. Prototype testing allowed Bowmaster to be sure that the approach was accurate before the system was stressed and tested at Bowmasters purpose built facility to confirm its reliability in all conditions. The final build was then commissioned and shipped to the client for installation.

The result was a bespoke, functional, and most importantly robust piece of anchor equipment that the captain and crew could rely on and be proud of.