Profab Engineering - M/Y The Beast

MY The Beast- Manson Ray anchors

The Challenge

Manson Anchors were approached by the New Zealand boat builder, Profab Engineering, regarding the new explorer catamaran being built for the famous New Zealand Jeweller, Michael Hill.

This yacht is smaller than the owner’s previous yacht but is more diverse in what it can offer. The New Zealander wanted an expedition style boat that was stable and could go anywhere. He wanted it to be the perfect fishing base where he could launch his game-fishing boat off the back and fish the remote locations few people get to.

This vessel, aptly named The Beast, required an anchoring solution that could be relied on in extreme and remote conditions.

The Solution

The Manson Anchors team chose two large Ray Anchors to sit in the middle of the two hulls. The Ray anchor was the best solution for performance and fitment for the explorer’s catamaran design.

The Ray Anchors were fabricated from steel plates and approved to Lloyd’s Register.

The final design gave Profab Engineering and the owner the confidence needed to take M/Y The Beast to the unchartered waters she was made for. Manson Anchors have continued to work with Profab Engineering.