Royal Huisman- S/Y Twizzle

SY Twizzle- Manson Plough anchors

The Challenge

When British sailing yacht designer Ed Dubois was designing S/Y Twizzle for reputable shipyard Royal Huisman, he wanted the vessel to maintain a sleek bow.

He knew he would need a set of anchors to be custom to suit the unique shape of the bow and the deployment system. He thought the well-known Manson Plough Anchors would be the best.

The Solution

The shipyard agreed with dubois and engaged reliable partner Manson Anchors for the project. The Manson Anchors team fabricated two 500kg Plough Anchors from 316L Stainless Steel for the bespoke vessel. These anchors were mirror polished to the highest standard to compliment the vessel’s bow.

This collaboration was an opportunity for Manson Anchors to further demonstrate their professionalism throughout the entire build process. Manson Anchors delivers unparalled quality and service, reinforcing how important collaboration and communication is in this industry.

S/Y Twizzle was the second project whereby Manson Anchors partnered with Royal Huisman. This team effort has grown into a legacy of projects with the iconic shipyard.