Trusted Plough Anchor


The Challenge

Design a underwater anchoring system using a plough style anchor

At the Monaco Boat show, the Bowmaster design team was approached about designing an underwater anchor system for the trusted Plough Anchor.

Superyacht captains were requiring more choice in their anchoring solutions and the ability to use the reliable CQR/ plough style anchor. 

The Solution

Custom system using a trusted anchoring product

Responding to the market’s need, the Bowmaster team set upon designing an underwater plough anchoring system.

Over 6 months the engineering team worked collaboratively with the Italian ship yard, sharing sketches and designs to come up with a system that allows the Plough anchor to deploy through the hull of the vessel.

The challenge was getting the anchor through the base of the vessel due to the complex shape. Much time was spent ensuring the system projected far enough away from the hull while at the same time the anchor orientated to the correct alignment before entering.

"The real challenge was getting the  anchor through the base of the vessel due to the complex shape"

A full size prototype was developed and used to do all in-house testing. The product can be deployed as both a bow and stern anchors option, as well as dual bow option.

The system was fabricated and commissioned in-house, and simply bolted or welded into the final hull.  This plug and play capability was achieved using in-house 0.1mm accurate 3D scanning, which ensured the final design can be commissioned on site and shipped with complete confidence of fitment.

This system has since been patented and is in use by other customers.