Viking Yachts -92ft

The Challenge

To supply anchors and ensure they are correctly housed.

Premiere US-based yacht manufacturer Viking Yachts approached Manson Anchors in 2013 when their Kiwi customer requested two Manson Plough anchors for a new build.

Simply supplying a Plough anchor to Viking would have filled the prescription, but how could Manson be sure that once it left their factory it would be installed correctly?

There was an opportunity to provide a more seamless solution to ensure the anchor was supplied and housed correctly.

The Solution

Provision of bow rollers and anchors to ensure a seamless integration.

On review of the boat’s design and during an open discussion with Viking’s Head of Engineering the Manson Sales Engineer suggested they make the bow rollers as well. This would ensure a seamless integration and a working unit already commissioned supplied to the client. Viking could then install knowing the system was fully operational, one less hurdle for the build.

Following the success of this partnership Viking Yachts approached the Manson/Bowmaster team to design the anchor system for their new flagship 92-foot build.

Manson’s team presented several options, sketches and prices for an integrated system. The concepts varied in budget and scope, giving the yard the opportunity to explore multiple scenarios. Through the same open communication, an innovative retractable carriage was built for the 92-foot. Manson/Bowmaster has since supplied Viking with five retractable carriage units as well as a new Manson Ray Anchor System for an 82-foot boat.

The client could not have been happier with the result, “Gents, this ground tackle setup is sweet. One of the coolest things is when the boat is running you can barely tell it has an anchor.”

Viking Yachts and Manson Anchors continue to work together.

100kg Boss Anchor

Sleek bow profile

Articulating carriage in design

Carriage being commissioned

Minimal visual impact 92 Sports Fisher