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The heavyweight champion! The Manson Ray anchor is known for its holding power and ability to set quickly and perform well in a variety of bottom conditions. The Ray is trusted by the best in the industry, and is featured on S/Y Mirabella V designed by world-renowned yacht designer,  Ron Holland.  Ron Holland is a number one fan of the Manson Ray and has specified it numerous times on his superyacht projects.

“The Ray does make an excellent general-purpose anchor for serious cruisers likely to encounter challenging conditions regularly.”  - Ron Holland


  • Practical Sailor Magazine’s ‘Best Choice’ in the larger anchor category.
  • Certified to Lloyd’s Register as a High Holding Power (HHP) anchor
  • Quick setting, ideal for use in sand and mud
  • Fabricated from the highest quality steel plate in Auckland, New Zealand

The Manson Ray is certified to Lloyd's Register as a HHP (High Holding Power) anchor. It is fabricated from the highest strength/quality steel or stainless steel and is proudly manufactured in New Zealand, the home of the blue water sailor.

For details of the Practical Sailor test visit www.practical-sailor.com or click here to read the full article on the tests carried out.

The Manson Ray is available in galvanised or exquisitely polished stainless steel.



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