The Racer Anchor

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The Manson Racer was the first anchor specifically designed for racing yachts of all sizes. The Racer is fabricated using a high tensile aluminium, so you do not have to sacrifice any precious weight while racing!

The Manson Racer features stability discs that reduce the width of the lower balance bar as well as encouraging the anchor to set faster and reduce rotation while embedded in the sea floor.

This anchor is the answer to changing tides and strong currents while racing, and a well deserved swim at the end of the race.

  • High-tensile anodised aluminium anchor, specifically tailored for racing yachts of all sizes
  • Reduced weight assures easier handling and storage, along with great weight saving potential
  • Hard wearing stability discs reduce the width of the lower balance bar as well as encourage the anchor to set faster and resist rotation when embedded in the sea floor
  • The aluminium stability disc also helps to prevent damage to your vessel from contact with the commonly sharp edges of an anchor
  • Padded bags (sold separately) protect the boat from stowed anchors and two interior pockets protect the anchor from the chain


With 12 different sizes available, the Manson Racer is also considered a great option as a stern anchor.

Manson Anchors also offer an optional padded, polyester lined bag with two interior pockets for chain and rope. This bag is only available for sizes R1 - R6. 


Standard Sizes