Submarine (HHP)

As hull shapes evolved, superyacht owners and designers required an innovative anchoring system to maintain a clean look and allow for steep and narrow hulls. After 40 prototype evolutions, Manson Anchors settled on a system that was tested 1000 times to ensure flawless deployment before it could be approved for production. 

One or both anchors are deployed form under the centreline of the hull. On retrieval, the anchor engages with a turning device which aligns the anchor with the pocket allowing it to stow safely. The base of the anchor is shaped in a way that matches the contours of the hull. 

As the submarine system has evolved, Manson Anchors has been able to simplify the system allowing it to be delivered as a completely asbuilt, commissioned and ready to install system. 

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  • A longer shank allows the anchor to be retrieved in all sea states, regardless of boat motion
  • The base of the anchor is specifically tailored to match the curvature of each hull
  • The pocket and turning mechanism are made from high tensile and highly corrosive resistant stainless steel
  • The turning mechanism is completely removable so the vessel does not need to dry-docked if repair is required.
  • The anchor pocket features custom hatches designed for access and viewing of the anchors during deployment and retrieval
  • The pocket features a high wear ring made to prevent the chain form chaffing or damaging the hull
  • Snubbing lines can be incorporated into the structure
  • Optional manual anchoring locking and tightening system 
  • Anchor system can be implanted into all aluminium, steel and composite hulls

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